The Angevins

1266-1285 Charles I

1268 Battle of Tagliacozzo; defeat and execution of Conradin; Charles secures his control over the kingdom

1282 The Sicilian Vespers; Peter III of Aragon takes control of Sicily

1285-1309 Charles II, the Lame

1302 Peace of Caltabellotta; Aragonese control of Sicily is accepted

1309-1343 Robert, the Wise, hostage of Aragon ( married Jolanda of Aragon ), supports the Guelf faction against the Papacy ,patron of Literature and Art

1343-1382 Joanna I; she marries her cousin Andrew of Hungary (younger brother of Louis the Great of Hungary)

1345 Andrew of Hungary murdered with the connivance of Joanna I

1347-48 Invasion of Louis of Hungary; Joanna flees to Avignon; she obtains permission (1348) to marry Louis of Taranto (d.1362); Louis of Hungary meets resistance, withdraws

1350 Second invasion of Louis of Hungary fails(peace treaty, 1351)

1363 Joanna marries James of Majorca (d.1375)

1372 Peace with Frederick IV of Sicily; he is recognized as ‘King of Trinacria’ (terms accepted by Pope Gregory XI only after modification, 1374)

1376 Joanna marries Otto of Brunswick

1380 Joanna disinherits Charles of Durazzo, names Louis of Anjou as her heir

1382 Revolt by Charles of Durazzo; Joanna imprisoned and strangled