Prince Federico Pignatelli Della Leonessa

Founder, owner and president of the worlds’ largest and most renowned photo studio complex, Pier 59 Studios, as well as founder owner and president of Art and Fashion Group, a talent, production and media group, both companies with operations in New York and Los Angeles. A designer and architect by passion, he has entirely conceived in all details his two studios along with his living places, including the designing of all furniture.

Currently the largest shareholder, Chairman and CEO of BIOLASE, a NASDAQ listed company, the worlds’ leader in medical laser technology. All companies employ a total of 350 people in different locations in New York, Los Angeles and Irvine, California in the United States.  International business locations include Germany, Spain, China, India and Brazil.

Prince Federico Pignatelli della Leonessa was born in Rome. Through his aristocratic ties to Pope Innocenzo XII, Federico’s heritage links him to one of the most noble and ancient families of Italy dating back to 1100AD. As a real estate developer in Italy and as a financial journalist for several of the major publications in Italy, he followed with a career as an international businessman in Switzerland, then London, and eventually landed in the United States, in New York.

After working as a managing director for several investment major investment banking and brokerage firms, such as E.F. Hutton, Ladenburg & Thalmann and Gruntal Co., Mr. Pignatelli started his own investment bank firm in New York and Los Angeles, EuroCapital Partners. After several years of highly successful and rewarding investment banking business, Pignatelli decided to follow his strong passion for photography that together with his smart business wit led to the creation of Pier 59 Studios, the worlds’ largest and most technological advanced photographic studios in the world, with state-of-the-art still and motion equipment.

Pier 59 Studio is a unique real estate development encompassing  an entire pier in the fashionable Chelsea district in New York, with huge open spaces, cathedral high ceilings and the best natural light in Manhattan. Comprised of eleven studios and sound stages, a space of 110,000 square feet, covering in length three NY City blocks, it is the paramount location for photographic productions and a center of international creativity, art and fashion.  A sister studio complex in Los Angeles, Pier 59 Studios West exhibits a continued clear example of his avant-garde, modern architecture in a large modular space counting four wide studios, a sophisticated bar, and an upper floor connected via a stylish glass and steel bridge.

Prince Federico Pignatelli della Leonessa

Prince Federico Pignatelli della Leonessa


Federico Pignatelli is a passionate lover of the art of photography and a photographer in his own right, with many of his pictures having been published. In 1993, he founded  the Art & Fashion Group, a holding company for an array of business services to the advertising and fashion industry, commonly defined as the Hollywood of photography. He has also founded The Industry Group, USA, representing photographers, models and actors.

His combined artistic and business passion has also  paved the way for his involvement in the movie industry. In 2001, he was the Executive Producer of the feature film Kill Me Later, through his Amazon Films Media Company, and was a co-producer for several other avant-guarde movies.

He currently lives in his villa in Beverly Hills, California, that previously belonged to actor Michael Douglas, and in New York in a large Penthouse loft in fashionable Soho.