Prince Federico Pignatelli Della Leonessa

Mr. Pignatelli serves as president, owner, and founder of the world’s largest and most renowned photo studio complex, PIER59 STUDIOS. Mr. Pignatelli plays integral roles at PIER59 STUDIOS, which is commonly referred to as, “The Hollywood of Photography.” Pignatelli also is the owner and president of ART AND FASHION GROUP (AFG). Under Pignatelli’s direction, Pier59 Studios and AFG tends to the diverse needs of the advertising and fashion industries from New York to Los Angeles. Beyond talent representation and production services, Pignatelli’s AFG houses a media group that comprises of: The Industry MGMT Group, VRAcceleratorfashionbook.comfashion-films.comE-Photoschool.com, and Amazon Film Production.

Prince Federico Pignatelli della Leonessa was born in Rome, Italy, in 1965. He hails from a family of ancient Italian nobles with roots dating back to 900 AD and has direct aristocratic ties to Pope Innocenzo XII. Pignatelli began his career in his home country of Italy. Before segueing into prominent careers in international finance in Switzerland and London, he worked as a real estate developer and leading financial journalist in monetary policy.

After working as a Managing Director for several major investment banking and brokerage firms, including E.F. Hutton, Ladenburg & Thalmann and Gruntal Co., Mr. Pignatelli founded his own American investment banking firm, EuroCapital Partners, with offices in New York and Los Angeles. After several successful and rewarding years in the investment banking business, Pignatelli decided to follow his enduring passion for photography. This led him to the creation of PIER59 STUDIOS.

PIER59 STUDIOS is a unique real estate development project started by Mr. Pignatelli in 1994. The studio space encompasses an entire pier in the fashionable Chelsea district of Manhattan. The studios feature huge open spaces, cathedral ceilings, and the best natural light the city has to offer. It comprises of eleven unique column-free studios and the largest sound stage in Manhattan. The space totals 110,000 square feet – the length of three city blocks. PIER59 STUDIOS is the paramount location for photographic and video productions and a center of international creativity. It houses the VRAaccelerator team who create multi-dimensional advertisements, hyper-realistic holograms and mixed reality storytelling.

Pignatelli has always been a passionate admirer and collector of photography. As a photographer in his own right, many of his photographs have been published – including those appearing within his book, “THE GREAT BEAUTY.” His creative passion stems far beyond the photographic realm. Pignatelli is, at heart, also a designer and architect.

Pignatelli has homes in New York and California and has 2 yachts that feature unique interior design and furniture created by Pignatelli himself. Pignatelli looks forward to the future successes and expansions of PIER59 STUDIOS as he leads the company into its 23rd year in 2019.

Prince Federico Pignatelli della Leonessa

Prince Federico Pignatelli della Leonessa

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