The Angevins of Durazzo

1382-1386 Charles III of Durazzo; he is opposed by Louis of Anjou (d.1384)

1385 Charles III returns to Hungary, where he is killed (1386)

1386-1414 Ladislas

1386-93 Regency of Queen Mother Marguerite; conflicts with Louis II of Anjou (1386-1400) who holds the city of Naples

1399 Ladislas successfully occupies the city of Naples

1407 Ladislas occupies Rome which Pope Gregory XII cannot hold

1411 Renewed conflict with Louis II of Anjou; Ladislas forced to withdraw from Rome but then reoccupies it

1414 Sudden death of Ladislas in Rome ends Neapolitan bid for hegemony in Italy

1414-1435 Joanna II

1414-15 In first months of Joanna’s reign power is exercised by the Queen’s favourite, Pandolfo Alopo, as chamberlain

1415 Joanna marries James de la Marche; he executes Alopo (1415) but soon rouses opposition from the barons and is confined (1416); on his release he leaves the country (1419)

1417 Sergianni Caracciolo becomes the Queen’s favourite; Pope Martin V is at first favourable

1419 Caracciolo alienates the condottiere Muzio Attendolo Sforza and Pope Martin V

1420 Joanna is attacked by Louis III of Anjou, Martin V, Sforza; defended by Caracciolo with the assistance of Alfonso of Aragon and the condottiere Braccio da Montone

1421 Joanna adopts Alfonso of Aragon as her heir

1423 Alfonso and Braccio quarrel with Caracciolo; Caracciolo has Joanna adopt Louis III of Anjou as her heir, make peace with Martin V

1431 Caracciolo, having made enemies among the nobility, is assassinated. Alfonso of Aragon gains influence

1433 Joanna again adopts Alfonso of Aragon as her heir

1433-34 Louis III campaigns to take over the kingdom, but dies (Nov. 1434)

1435 Joanna on her death (Feb.) bequeaths the kingdom to René of Anjou (brother of Louis III)