Hurricane Sandy Press Release and Statement to the Fashion & Photography Community


“I am very pleased to announce to the Fashion and Photography community that, in the wake of the Hurricane Sandy immense disaster, Pier 59 Studios has managed to emerge unscathed, besides the loss of a roof skylight from one of the upstairs offices. To withstand the incredible forces of 90 miles winds and a tide of 14 feet and be in perfect conditions, it is an achievement of our committed and talented team of workers, as much as the solid steel structure that Pier 59 Studios is built off! I am extremely proud, as the owner of such iconic venue, to say that we are ready to be open to business as usual as soon ConEd will re establish the loss of power that is affecting all downtown Manhattan, from 34th street to Battery Park”, concluded Federico Pignatelli della Leonessa, founder and owner of Pier 59 Studios.