Hurricane Sandy Aftermath Press Release and Statement to the Fashion & Photography Community

“Pier 59 Studios is proud to announce today, November 26th, the reopening of its studios in New York City after the severe devastation of Hurricane Sandy has affected many businesses in lower Manhattan. While Pier 59 Studios facilities were not directly affected by the immense force of high winds and the tremendous flood, and fared the destructive force of nature unscathed, we were affected by the complete destruction of nearby electrical equipment necessary to supply us with the power that is essential to operate. That has forced us to remain closed for almost a month, suffering a great loss in business and with great inconveniencing for all of our dear and valuable clients, that have nonetheless remained extremely supportive in our difficulties. My sincere thank you goes to all of our competent and hardworking staff for their immense effort in reestablishing the reopening of the business today and to our faithful and patient wonderful clients of ours that gave us all the encouragement we needed to be successful again! Our hearts go to the many people and business that are still being affected by this tremendous devastation, with the wish of a prompt recovery!

– Prince Federico Pignatelli della Leonessa, founder and owner of Pier 59 Studios.”


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